Why learn PhotoReading?

The five step PhotoReading system

The benefits of PhotoReading are enormous, here are just a few

  • Pass exams easily
  • Get through reports and memos quickly
  • Easily collate information from lots of different sources for projects
  • Increased recall for all types of text
  • Be an excellent student through rapid assimilation
  • Use different parts of your mind to be more creative and innovative
  • Make reading fun
  • Tackle technical information robustly and with confidence
  • Natural speed increase on leisure reading without trying
  • And most importantly: Enjoy reading MORE with LESS effort

You will learn

  • The five step PhotoReading Whole Mind System for ultimate reading success
  • How to enter the optimum state for learning and remembering anything
  • How to prepare your mind to maximise the effects of each read
  • How to gain a mental imprint of a book by PhotoReading at speeds of 25,000 words per minute (a page per second)
  • How to comprehend what you need from a book in less than an hour
  • Gain depth and meaning to your mental imprint by using advanced reading strategies, at speeds of 1,000 to 2,000 words per minute
  • How to connect and develop the part of your brain responsible for long term memory, recall, intuition and ‘a-ha’ experiences
  • How to prepare for exams and presentations with enhanced recall from books

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Paul Scheele PhotoReading developer:

Michael Carroll is simply brilliant and impressed us all at Learning Strategies Corporation. I am so pleased that people in the UK now have access to PhotoReading and its state of the art developments.

Paul Scheele
PhotoReading developer

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