Bill Phillips and Michael Carroll

Bill Phillips is an accomplished and experienced international facilitator, team-builder and coach, he regularly demonstrates an ability to create a positive thinking environment and inspire people to take action and get results. He completed his NLP Trainer Training at the NLP Academy in 2006, when he was certified as a Trainer of New Code NLP by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair & Michael Carroll. A Founder Member of the International Trainers’ Academy of NLP (ITA), he consults and works fluently in Spanish. Bill’s areas of special interest include, among others, NLP Training and Certification, Executive Coaching, Certification of Future-basing Coaches and the PhotoReading Whole Mind System.
Michael Carroll was one of three people first certified to teach PhotoReading in the UK in 2001. Since then Michael has been prolific in training regular PhotoReading courses, and has run more courses and taught more people to PhotoRead than any other UK PhotoReading Instructor. He has taught PhotoReading to the faculty at Henley Management College, to the ‘Oxbridge Group’ of year twelve students at the Whitgift School and to many corporate clients, as well as the public PhotoReading courses which are open to all from age twelve upwards, held at the NLP Academy training center.

The power of PhotoReading

As a Trainer and Presenter I prepare ‘content heavy’ sessions by PhotoReading my material. Extensive notes are now a thing of the past. When I want to develop new skills I PhotoRead books on the subject as if I am downloading the information into my mind.

In my opinion PhotoReading is such a powerful tool it needs to be accessible for all. So I went to Minneapolis to spend time with the developer, Paul Scheele and his magnificent team who shared their extensive research of the last 20 years with me, and awarded me certification to teach PhotoReading.

You may be as amazed as I was, to discover that you can learn to read at the speed of a page per second, but this is not reading as you know it. When you read 25,000 words a minute you are not using your everyday conscious mind, you are taking the information in pre-consciously and mentally photographing the pages of a book. The PhotoReading WholeMind system is a 5-step system and includes steps to prepare the mind as well advanced reading strategies to activate the information for everyday use. These additional steps alone will speed up your reading by 3 – 18 times.

PhotoReading really is a 21st century approach to learning. Your reading will be less of a burden, more time effective and much more enjoyable. You will have high levels of recall without the effort of trawling through piles of information over and over again.

Michael Carroll
Certified PhotoReading Instructor
Founder and Course Director NLP Academy

Whole Mind Learning
Michael Carroll devotes his time to exploring new frontiers of mind development.
He is a Master Trainer of NLP and Hypnosis and acknowledged as a leader in the field. His exceptional training style makes learning fun and easy.
Many who attend a Michael Carroll seminar experience extraordinary breakthroughs.

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Paul Scheele PhotoReading developer:

Michael Carroll is simply brilliant and impressed us all at Learning Strategies Corporation. I am so pleased that people in the UK now have access to PhotoReading and its state of the art developments.

Paul Scheele
PhotoReading developer

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