How does PhotoReading work?

Your mind processes and absorbs information far quicker than you can consciously think. Amazingly, in the visual sense, your retina processes about 10 million point images per second.

If you compare your mind to a computer, your mind has processing capabilities that are much faster, and with far better storage than the fastest computers on the planet. A measurement of computer speed is MIPS (million computer instructions per second). The latest Intel processor processes at 57,000 MIPS, which is very fast. However brain research shows that if you measure human mind processing speed the figure is 100 million MPS. Saying it another way you would need 1,754 Intel processors to match the speed of your brain.

Most of what you take in through your five senses at lightning fast speeds remains out of consciousness awareness. Conscious processing is just a fraction of what is going in the mind. The unconscious mind is far greater and by using principles and techniques from PhotoReading you learn to harness the power and speed of your mind and bring information that would normally be in your unconscious into everyday awareness.

The five step PhotoReading system

Step One: Prepare

The first step of the PhotoReading system is to spend a few minutes preparing yourself for the read. You do this by being accessing the ‘ideal state’ of mind for reading and being clear about your purpose for reading the material.

By entering the ‘ideal state’ you quieten the internal chatter and switch on your whole mind. By being aware of your purpose you focus your conscious and unconscious attention for the process.

Step Two: Preview

The preview also only takes a few minutes. You use your eyes in special way to scan the material for trigger words and themes so you have a sense of the structure of the book and you can clarify if the content fits with your purpose for the read.

Step Three: PhotoRead

This is step that people are really excited about. Using the PhotoReading step your brain absorbs information directly from the page. You enter a special ‘accelerated learning state’ and flip the pages at a page per second, which is about 25,000 words a minute. The combination of the accelerated learning state and the way you use your eyes in divergent vision known as ‘photo-focus’ enables the information from the page be transmitted directly to the unconscious mind.

Step Four: Activate

After doing a quick post view, the next stage is activation so you can have a high level of conscious understanding of the material. During step three (the PhotoReading Step) you blast through pages so quickly that your conscious mind cannot possibly keep up. The fourth step activation is about bringing the information from your unconscious mind to your conscious mind. It is similar to speed reading, but the results are far superior. You will learn lots of different techniques for activation, which can be used for different types of reading. As a beginner you will be able to activate a book in one-third the time it would to normally read it.

Step Five: Rapid Read

The fifth and final step is optional and similar to everyday reading, but very fast. You don’t need this step with most books. Rapid reading allows you to build even greater comprehension and understanding from complex books, legal documents and technical documents.

BY USING THE PHOTOREADING SYSTEM, YOU WILL INCREASE YOUR SPEED OF READING FROM THREE to FIVE TIMES and that’s at the course. With practice you will get even faster.

PhotoReaders can read a book in ONE hour with higher levels of comprehension than regular readers.

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Paul Scheele PhotoReading developer:

Michael Carroll is simply brilliant and impressed us all at Learning Strategies Corporation. I am so pleased that people in the UK now have access to PhotoReading and its state of the art developments.

Paul Scheele
PhotoReading developer

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